4 Minimalism Myths We All Fell for This 2019

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Single-colored basics? Check.

Clean aesthetic? Check.

Fewer than 10 clothes on your weekly rotation? Check.

If you’ve said yes to all of these, then you’re definitely one of the many people who fell for the minimalism myth. Ace your minimalist style with total ease and read on as we debunk famous myths about this internet-favorite trend.


Myth: Minimalists can’t buy new things

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Hopping on to the minimalism trend doesn’t mean that you can’t go shopping anymore! It’s simply all about buying with intention, and the bottom line is to get only what you need. Remember, cutting down on your unnecessary purchases doesn’t mean that you need to completely cut out new finds in your life.

Myth: Basics are all minimalists can own

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The usual grays, blacks, and neutral colors are the pillars of a minimalist wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun in your closet anymore. Minimalism is all about cutting down what you don’t need, not what is non-basic.

Myth: Decluttering is minimalism

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By now, we all know that letting go is a huge aspect of minimalism. Whether it’s cutting your wardrobe down to your basics or revamping an unsustainable lifestyle, getting rid of the excess is a good start. But take note that decluttering once is not going to cut it. Cleaning out is not a one-time shot to a minimalist title, it’s a commitment you have to practice!

Myth: Minimalism is a boring lifestyle

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Minimalism does not equate to being boring. In fact, minimalism brings out more of your lifestyle. This habit takes out the time-consuming parts of your day, so you have more time for the rest of your day. Case in point you’d get to save more time in the morning without the usual “What should I wear today?” dilemma. The goal of minimalism is to ultimately lead to a low stress lifestyle, which we think is all the reason you need to give the trend a shot this year!

Which is your favorite debunked minimalist myth?

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