What You Can Do With Your Vacation Leaves Before the Year Ends

Got more VLs to spare? Here’s how you can maximize them!


When people think of vacation leaves, they think grand getaway plans to the beach or a different country. Don’t let the lack of a big vacation plan stop you from using up your VLs. Below, we’re listing down all the ways you can use up your leaves that are fun and relaxing to give you the recharge that you need for when you get back to work.

Go on a staycation!


The hustling professional in us needs time away from all the busy work responsibilities and to-do lists, too. What’s a more perfect way to pamper yourself than to spend a day under the sheets in a fancy hotel or a quirky AirBnb? Catch up on your favorite show, nibble on your guilty pleasure snack, and relax!

Enjoy the great outdoors.


Get the office air out of your system and enjoy the great outdoors! Get your body moving and engage in physical activities—from an exhilarating hike to a calm yoga session—the choice is yours. If not, a picnic in the park is a great way to relax the mind, too!

Pack up and go on an adventure.


If you have more leaves to spare, familiarize yourself with the beautiful local destinations you can visit without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Vacation leaves, after all, are a great way to eat, pray, and love. Do wear something comfortable, and start your journey with good vibes.

Get things started (or get things done)!


Have you always wanted to try out a new hobby or finish a book you swore two months ago you’ll finish? Your activities during a leave don’t need to be grand. Use your free time to get yourself out there and settle personal to-do lists you’ve been putting off for a while now.

Catch up with your friends!


Of course, a day spent with special people is as good as any day spent for yourself. With the busy life and busy schedule that you lead, sometimes it’s inevitable to miss out on a couple of Friday night outs with your friends. Take the day out to hang with them over brunch or dessert.

Do a closet clean-up.

There’s no doubt that shopping is fun, but you know what isn’t? A closet full of clothes you never wear anyway. Edit your wardrobe and take out everything you haven’t worn for more than two months. Hold a garage sale or donate them, and put your old clothes into good use. You might just enjoy the extra space for a new wardrobe for the new year.

Sometimes there are just too many things going on at work that one forgets to take a break. Before the year ends, slow down and make time for your friends, family, and yourself.

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