4 Minimalism Myths We All Fell for This 2019

Minimalist Myths_BANNER.jpg

Single-colored basics? Check.

Clean aesthetic? Check.

Fewer than 10 clothes on your weekly rotation? Check.

If you’ve said yes to all of these, then you’re definitely one of the many people who fell for the minimalism myth. Ace your minimalist style with total ease and read on as we debunk famous myths about this internet-favorite trend.


Myth: Minimalists can’t buy new things

You can’t buy new things.jpg

Hopping on to the minimalism trend doesn’t mean that you can’t go shopping anymore! It’s simply all about buying with intention, and the bottom line is to get only what you need. Remember, cutting down on your unnecessary purchases doesn’t mean that you need to completely cut out new finds in your life.

Myth: Basics are all minimalists can own

Basics are all you can own.jpg

The usual grays, blacks, and neutral colors are the pillars of a minimalist wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun in your closet anymore. Minimalism is all about cutting down what you don’t need, not what is non-basic.

Myth: Decluttering is minimalism

Decluttering is minimalism.jpg

By now, we all know that letting go is a huge aspect of minimalism. Whether it’s cutting your wardrobe down to your basics or revamping an unsustainable lifestyle, getting rid of the excess is a good start. But take note that decluttering once is not going to cut it. Cleaning out is not a one-time shot to a minimalist title, it’s a commitment you have to practice!

Myth: Minimalism is a boring lifestyle

It’s a boring lifestyle.jpg

Minimalism does not equate to being boring. In fact, minimalism brings out more of your lifestyle. This habit takes out the time-consuming parts of your day, so you have more time for the rest of your day. Case in point you’d get to save more time in the morning without the usual “What should I wear today?” dilemma. The goal of minimalism is to ultimately lead to a low stress lifestyle, which we think is all the reason you need to give the trend a shot this year!

Which is your favorite debunked minimalist myth?

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PenelopePop Swears by This Advice Creatives Need to Hear Now


With a leather tote bag on her shoulder, essentials on one hand, and her trusty tumbler on the other, Winnie Wong (more popularly known by her online illustrator/vlogger persona, PenelopePop) walked inside the studio with easy grace and cool laid back vibe. In her chic, forest green long sleeves and black culottes, anyone can tell that she means business.

At first glance, she may look intimidating to some, but with a big smile greeting everyone in the room and her light-hearted humor, Winnie proves there’s more to her than meets the eye.

It’s hard—almost impossible—to imagine how this fun-loving, happy creative was totally different from how she was a few years back. Fresh from uni abroad and excited to be back here in the Philippines, Winnie went through the hustle of a 9-5 creative, executing countless product designs and ideas. “I remember coming home all the time around 6 PM and dreading the traffic ahead all the time. I don’t have time to work on what I want to do, and I was so catered to working for [them],” Winnie shared. While she was, and is still grateful for her experience then, the lack of creative outlet drained her to the core and left her unmotivated.


Small steps

Available in-stores soon!

Available in-stores soon!

“I remember the first time I ever used Photoshop, I did this really easy design, but it took me like hours,” she laughed.

Her story started just like anyone else's—with small steps. Her clean, Instagram-famous aesthetic came to life from a professor’s stubborn advice to ‘pick one style only!’

“I [remember] disliking her, but at the same time, I was glad that she pushed me in that direction because, in order for you to stand out, you need to practice and establish your style,” she recalled with a smile. Despite her strong visuals, Winnie recalled the trial-and-errors she went through as a young artist finding her style. “I remember the first time I ever used Photoshop, I did this really easy design, but it took me hours,” she laughed.

As her stint as PenelopePop on Instagram grew, Winnie explored the vlogging arena on the side. Although she never saw herself as a YouTuber before nor did she dream of becoming one, her almost 135,000-strong YouTube following is a testament that she’s a natural on the platform. “I had to learn a lot of things by myself, [but] it [ended up becoming] a diary because videos are a really good form to keep track of what I have been doing in my life,” Winnie shared. While her YouTube account started out as a personal tutorial bank for her design, she dared to explore outside of her artistic domain with videos like “How to be Basic” and “Life of Wan” which her followers are major fans of.

Exploring options


“I made sure to experience all the opportunities just to make sure that I knew exactly what I wanted to do”

Winnie Wong

Graphic tee, P499

Mid-waist shorts available in-stores soon!

Picking the road less travelled has its own set of problems at its tail, and Winnie was no exception to that. “I applied into an art school and I didn’t tell my parents at first [because] my parents wanted me to do something other than art,” Winnie shared. Instead of letting the usual creative’s battle get the best of her, she struck the perfect balance between passion and practicality and found the sweet spot with design and education. “I always wanted [to pursue] education, I think it works well with design because you end up teaching other people and keep your mind sharp along the way, too,” Winnie added. Now armed with her double degree, Winnie looks forward to time-in everyday as a Digital Arts teacher at an International high school in the country. “I really like it when the kids feel more comfortable speaking with you after school—making kwento about their lives. That, for me, is a really nice moment,” she shared.

It’s all about timing

Winnie’s shift from a full-time creative to a teacher led her to believe in the old saying that ‘Things fall into place for a reason.’ “Timing comes into play a lot more than we think. It’s actually super important,” she stressed. And this slice of advice isn’t just for the creatives, but for everyone who tends to exhibit a “suffer now” mentality, too.

“[The] thing is, you have years ahead of you...it’s all about opening yourself to all these things rather than limiting yourself to one thing you’re not really happy with,” Winnie advised. With her vast experience in her field and in life, Winnie shared the secret to acing one’s calling: “Let things be and it will fall into place…if you make the time for it.” “You got to work smart and try out other things. It may not be what you want now, but you might learn the skills you need in the future so you can do what you want,” Winnie added.


Striped button-down, P799

What’s next for PenelopePop?

With how things are now, the future’s looking extra bright for Winnie. With her highly-coveted Everyday Planner just scratching the surface; one thing’s for sure, there’s nothing but bigger things in-store for both Winnie and her followers. Still, she admits that there’s plenty of room to grow. Fueled with her resolve to step out of her comfort zone more often and do things bigger than what is expected of her, now that she’s figured out what works and what doesn’t, nothing’s stopping Winnie Wong from taking the art scene by storm.


“Try to find the balance…because your passion and happiness will evolve and it will look different as you experience more.”

Hustle tee, P499

Striped blazer, P1499

Mid-waist jeans, P999


Ready to take on what’s next for you? Check out your nearest Memo store for outfits you can wear to your next step.

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Pants Styles to Wear for Days When You Don’t Feel Like Wearing Denim


Sometimes, jeans aren’t just gonna cut it. This wardrobe staple might be super versatile, but it’s good to brush up on other styles as well and switch up your daily looks! Maybe it’s too hot for jeans or the day calls for a less casual look—whatever it is, this is the guide you need for pant style recos!




Culottes are fantastic if you're looking for a summer-friendly option for hot days like this. This wearable pair easily goes with any top. Plus, they don’t get wrinkled easily compared to cotton! Take it anywhere with you without worrying about walking around with wrinkled bottoms.



Days when you’ll need to move a lot more than usual calls for this hybrid pair. Treggings are your staple leggings, but so much better! Why? Its snug, stretchable fit makes sures you get absolute comfort and the best part about it? You can wear these with heels or sneakers and still get away with it!

Striped Chinos

Striped Chinos.jpg

A khaki option will always do you good in your closet. Striped chinos has the right amount of sporty in it, without making it look like track pants! Opt for this on days you’ll want to add some fun and personality to a look. Oh, did we say that it also has the best fit to it as well?

Easy Wear Chinos

Easy Wear Chinos.jpg

Chinos are great pants alternatives for the usual, rough denim because of its soft finish and stretchable fit. They are also becoming more and more popular and accessible because of it being a rising crowd-fave. With Memo’s latest Easy Wear chinos, everyday comfort has never been more easy. Now with an even better chino fit and drawstring waistbands for added comfort, it’s a win-win situation if you ask us!


Catch the new Easy Wear Chinos in-stores now!

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12 Foolproof Tips for Commute-Ready Outfits.

Cover - commute ready.jpg

With the summer heat already doing its waves around the city, the dreaded daily commute just became sweatier than ever! Keep your heads and yourselves cool and read up on our twelve best tips to beat the commute rush!


Skip the tight clothes.

The last thing you want to worry about while commuting is your outfit. Go for light and comfy pieces and say goodbye to thick and tight clothes.

Skip the tight clothes.jpg

For the girls: opt for shorts, dresses, or skirts

Whether you’re cramped in a bus or a train, a dress or a skirt is always a good idea. Just be sure to wear it at a length you’re comfortable with and you’re good to go!

Win in sleeveless tops!.jpg

Win in sleeveless tops!

Wear your trustworthy sleeveless tops with your light jeans or shorts!  Whatever you pair with it, your tops help a lot in the battle with the commute heat!

Take a cap with you

Caps are our MVPs for commutes. It keeps your hair from getting all over the place. Plus, it keeps the sun out of your face, too! It’s a win-win scenario.

Pack lightly

You know the drill. Bring only your must-haves with you (i.e. wallet, phone, hat, and your other essentials!) Place everything in a one bag if you can. Pro-tip: belt bags are great if you have a lot of stuff you wanna keep with you!

Pack lightly.jpg

Keep your belongings close to you.

Be wary of the dangers of public transpo! Commuters know this by heart and that is to keep your belongings tight with you. Lounge around a trusty fanny pack to avoid lost or stolen items!

Go back to basics

Given the option, dress simply. A good pair of pants won’t make you worry about being too casual wherever you’re going. If in doubt, a basic tee and a pair of EasyWear pants will always do the trick. It’s always a good idea to invest in the perfect pair that feels absolutely light and comfortable!

Blog - pants.jpg

Bring your favorite scent with you.

Stay fresh and keep a handy cologne or perfume with you at all costs! It’s the easiest way to keep on being fresh after a long commute.

Add a spritz after your commute!.jpg

Pack an extra shirt

If you’ve been commuting for a while you know the whole thing can be notoriously unpredictable. If you’re on the way to something (or to meet someone) important, be sure to pack an extra one with you!

Don’t be afraid to layer.

Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Add on accessories or throw in a cardigan. You don’t have to sacrifice looking your best just because you’re going on a commute today.

Layering isn’t a bad idea.jpg

Plan your outfits ahead

You know where you’re going best so make sure to brush up on your closet options and check what works best for you! If you’ll be going to a crowded spot, consider EasyCare shirts, or consider wearing your best walking shoes to the commute. After all, it never hurts to be 100% prepared.

What’s a foolproof commute-ready outfit you swear by?

Share your favorite tip with us @memo_fashion.

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You’ve KonMari’d Your Way to a Spacious Closet. Now, What?


You’ve now tossed out your mess, and followed Marie Kondo’s soothing voice to tidy up your closet. With all the extra room in the closet, it’s about time we thought of sustaining the wardrobe space. The idea of a minimal wardrobe is fascinating, but it can also be overwhelming for some. To make “the process” easier, here are easy pointers to build your own minimalist wardrobe!

Ladies’ essential top, P599

Ladies’ essential top, P599


Building a minimalist wardrobe starts with filtering that “spark of joy” in your clothing. Shop and look for essentials that can be easily paired with any top or bottoms. Invest in plains and layers you can easily slip on any day. The more uses with them, the better!

Men’s knit joggers, P1299

Men’s knit joggers, P1299


The next rule of thumb is to decide on the general color of your wardrobe to make the whole dressing up process easier. Some prefer it in greys and blacks, while others prefer to have light, nude tones. Which one’s your pick?

Men’s Slim Tee, P399

Men’s Slim Tee, P399


Now that you’ve narrowed it down, we try the habit on for the next few months. Of course, Kondo herself would agree that tidying up take time and continual effort. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Over the months, you’ll be able to know what works and what doesn’t and adjust to it.

Ladies’ Trousers, P1099

Ladies’ Trousers, P1099


From this point on, it’s life changing to maintain the commitment to a sustainable and tidy wardrobe. Simply fold, mix, and repeat. You’ll instantly be able to see the saved time, money, and effort of looking for a good daily outfit.

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All the Things You Need to Let Go of Before the Year Ends

The New Year is fast approaching, and it’s about time we learn the art of letting go this 2018.


It’s finally the last week of 2018 and the season of resolutions, changes, and new beginnings are just around the corner. While it's tempting to get a head start into the New Year, hold your horses, and settle the remainder of the year first before diving into 2019. Read on and take notes on how you can let go of the clutter and start 2019 fresh.

ART OF LETTING GO_Clean up the messy space.jpg

It’s always easier to start letting go of the things around you first, and that includes your personal space. Make it a point to organize your room because this is what you will wake up to every day next year. Invest in organizing your belongings with intention and start rearranging existing clutter now.

Follow the 4-month rule: If there is anything you haven't used in the past 4 months, then it’s time to let them go.

ART OF LETTING GO_Take out the old and unused.jpg

We are all guilty of stocking up on things we don’t use or haven't used in the past year. For 2019, make it a point to donate or sell old clothes and make room for quality essentials you know you can use every day.

ART OF LETTING GO_Eliminate the unnecessary and unhealthy.jpg

Letting go means cutting things from one’s daily lives, and that includes what you put in your body. Resolve bad eating habits, cut back on sugar, or snack up on more fruits. Make 2019 your healthiest year yet.

It only takes 21 days to create a new habit, start a good one this New Year!

ART OF LETTING GO_Change your mindset.jpg

This is both the hardest and most rewarding resolution you can have this New Year: letting go of an old mindset. Change is always necessary and to move forward to a New Year, one has to learn to evolve with life's circumstances. Focus on a mantra or a saying, and stick with it. Having a renewed mindset paves the way to a fresh chapter next year.

What’s your new mantra for the New Year? Share with us your New Year’s resolutions!


The Top 3 Must-Have Pairs This Holiday Season

As they say, all good things come in pairs.


We know it’s hard to find the perfect gifts to give to your loved ones this holiday season. There are just so many options out there or worse, you don’t even have a clue about what they want. To make your last minute shopping easy, we’re rounding up three pairs your loved ones will love without a doubt!

The Form and Function Pair

The Form and Function Pair.jpg

Got someone who loves both form and function? Bags are the best gifts for women who take everything with them everywhere (you know who they are). These totes, paired with any outfit are a great way to showcase a chic form with undeniable function!

The Crisp and Fresh Pair

The Crisp and Fresh Pair.jpg

Your travelling and commute-buddies will love this new addition to their kit! Their on-the-go lives require them to be crisp and fresh for the day ahead. Compact-sized body sprays, hair wax, and lotions are great bundles you can get at a fraction of the price. Finally, a convenient and affordable gift for both men and women!

The Practical and Stylish Pair

The Style and Comfort Pair.jpg

Still lost on what to give to the men in your list? Give your dad and your guy friends the comfort of knowing their cash and cards are secured in style this Christmas! The usual black, leather wallets are admittedly a classic, but a pop of color would make a memorable and great present this holiday season.


Which of these would you get for the people in your list this holiday season?

Tweet us your choice @memo_fashion!

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What You Can Do With Your Vacation Leaves Before the Year Ends

Got more VLs to spare? Here’s how you can maximize them!


When people think of vacation leaves, they think grand getaway plans to the beach or a different country. Don’t let the lack of a big vacation plan stop you from using up your VLs. Below, we’re listing down all the ways you can use up your leaves that are fun and relaxing to give you the recharge that you need for when you get back to work.

Go on a staycation!


The hustling professional in us needs time away from all the busy work responsibilities and to-do lists, too. What’s a more perfect way to pamper yourself than to spend a day under the sheets in a fancy hotel or a quirky AirBnb? Catch up on your favorite show, nibble on your guilty pleasure snack, and relax!

Enjoy the great outdoors.


Get the office air out of your system and enjoy the great outdoors! Get your body moving and engage in physical activities—from an exhilarating hike to a calm yoga session—the choice is yours. If not, a picnic in the park is a great way to relax the mind, too!

Pack up and go on an adventure.


If you have more leaves to spare, familiarize yourself with the beautiful local destinations you can visit without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Vacation leaves, after all, are a great way to eat, pray, and love. Do wear something comfortable, and start your journey with good vibes.

Get things started (or get things done)!


Have you always wanted to try out a new hobby or finish a book you swore two months ago you’ll finish? Your activities during a leave don’t need to be grand. Use your free time to get yourself out there and settle personal to-do lists you’ve been putting off for a while now.

Catch up with your friends!


Of course, a day spent with special people is as good as any day spent for yourself. With the busy life and busy schedule that you lead, sometimes it’s inevitable to miss out on a couple of Friday night outs with your friends. Take the day out to hang with them over brunch or dessert.

Do a closet clean-up.

There’s no doubt that shopping is fun, but you know what isn’t? A closet full of clothes you never wear anyway. Edit your wardrobe and take out everything you haven’t worn for more than two months. Hold a garage sale or donate them, and put your old clothes into good use. You might just enjoy the extra space for a new wardrobe for the new year.

Sometimes there are just too many things going on at work that one forgets to take a break. Before the year ends, slow down and make time for your friends, family, and yourself.

What do you say? Shop all the MEMO outfits featured at the nearest Memo store or at Zalora.


To The Kid At Heart

Here’s everything you need to know about sprucing up your wardrobe.


2018 Graduation Day

TO THE KID AT HEART 1x1 - REV_02.jpg

Dear Kid At Heart,

You find yourself at the edge of the seat at graduation. You are handed your ever-longed diploma and you feel the gut-wrenching mixture of pure joy and terror for what’s about to come: The World of Adulting.

What job are you going to take? What’s going to happen to you? Are you even ready for this?

All these questions come crashing to your head even before you could sit back down to your seat. Take a chill pill and look at these problems in proportion:

What job are you going to take? Whatever you set your heart into, you made it this far and the next chapter is just another adventure for you to set out. Don’t worry about taking the time to clear your head and steer towards your own direction.

What’s going to happen? That’s for the future you to worry about. The thing about stressing over the unknown is that’s all it’s ever going to be – the unknown. Let the tide roll in when it does come.

Are you ready for this? Ready as you’ll ever be. There’s a fine line between fear and excitement. Dive headfirst into your future and the fun will set in.


2018 First Job Interview

Essentials Long Sleeve Php 899. Knit Blazer Php 2299. Slim Fit Dress Pants Php 1199. Messenger Bag Php 1699.

Essentials Long Sleeve Php 899. Knit Blazer Php 2299. Slim Fit Dress Pants Php 1199. Messenger Bag Php 1699.

Dear Inner Kid,

Okay, maybe you didn’t really think this through. I mean, let’s face it: your interviewer isn’t going to be impressed with that limited edition rock band tee – even if it did cost you your entire life savings.

Let’s clean up the wardrobe real quick. What do you need?

A clean and crisp white button-down. It’s obviously essential.

A smart blazer to suit things up.

A pair of nicely-trimmed trousers.

A bag to keep things handy and on check.

Looking at you up and down, you look ready to ace that interview, kid.


2018 First Day On The Job

Bomber Jacket Php 1499. Watch Php 799.

Bomber Jacket Php 1499. Watch Php 799.

Dear Little Kid,

You check the time on your watch. You throw on your sleekest bomber jacket. You look the part, but still… walking into an office like this really does make you feel small, huh? There are so many people to look up to, so many experiences you’re going to encounter, and so many things that are going to happen… you’re in for a big ride.

Even though you technically are an adult, you can’t help feel like that new kid on the block. At least, it’s all uphill from here.



Relaxed Fit Tee Php 499. Suede Baseball Cap Php 399. Jacquard Knit Ankle Socks Php 119.

Relaxed Fit Tee Php 499. Suede Baseball Cap Php 399. Jacquard Knit Ankle Socks Php 119.

Dear Kid,

You wonder why you still call yourself ‘kid’ and write all these letters in your head. Then again, you realize age doesn’t really strip away the sense of wonder.

You still enjoy a pair of colorful socks now and then.

Or a striped tee to keep up with the fun on a typical Wednesday.

Or sport that cap from last Friday night’s game night.

Guess there’s not much difference in being an adult than being a kid. There’s no need for goodbyes after all.

‘Til the next entry, kid!


P.S. Visit your nearest Memo store to find more of your wardrobe essentials.


6 Colorful Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe If You’re Always Wearing Black

Everybody can use a little color in their lives.

Building a minimalist wardrobe has proven to be an instant time and life saver when it comes to picking out what outfit to wear for work or for the weekend. While an all-black look is undoubtedly chic, with a new season out, why not explore the season's color trends and add a few staples to your wardrobe? Here are a few pieces from Memo’s City Wander Collection that will make you change your mind about colors.

1x1 Campaign_03.jpg
Fresh pops of colors will never let you down just like this green Poplin shirt.  Poplin Shirt with Button-Down Collar (P899)

Fresh pops of colors will never let you down just like this green Poplin shirt.

Poplin Shirt with Button-Down Collar (P899)

A shirt with a subtle all-over print is perfect for both work and play.  Poplin Shirt with All-Over Print (P799)

A shirt with a subtle all-over print is perfect for both work and play.

Poplin Shirt with All-Over Print (P799)

Mix it up and wear your go-to trousers with an oversized printed shirt for casual Fridays.  Poplin Shirt with All-Over Print (P999)

Mix it up and wear your go-to trousers with an oversized printed shirt for casual Fridays.

Poplin Shirt with All-Over Print (P999)

1x1 Campaign_02.jpg
Stand out without breaking a sweat in a vibrant romper in a classic chic cut.  Layered Romper (P1099)

Stand out without breaking a sweat in a vibrant romper in a classic chic cut.

Layered Romper (P1099)

Elevate your usual get-up and pick a purple ribbed tee to go with your skinny jeans.  Our Favorite Tee in Purple (P599)

Elevate your usual get-up and pick a purple ribbed tee to go with your skinny jeans.

Our Favorite Tee in Purple (P599)

Still afraid to commit to color? Break out of your usual black looks and opt for a classic gray sheath dress instead.  Knee-Length Sheath Dress (P1299)

Still afraid to commit to color? Break out of your usual black looks and opt for a classic gray sheath dress instead.

Knee-Length Sheath Dress (P1299)

The Best Ways to Wear Stripes

For work and play!

Stripes banner.jpg

Stripes are no doubt a solid look for the season. To make sure your style choices are always on-point, we’re sharing with you the best ways to wear your stripes.

Keep it Subtle


Being in an office setting, you may want to keep it subtle but bold. Wear your striped shirt with a pair of sleek black pants and seal the look with a dressy bomber jacket.


Striped Slim Tee in Off White (P499)


Dress Pants in Black (P1199)


Bomber Jacket (P1299)

Cool and Casual


On a chill weekend, you can’t go wrong with a shirt-and-jeans combination. If you feel like it, you can throw in a leather watch or even a knit cardigan to elevate your look in a snap!


Striped Slim Tee (P499)


Daily Jeans in Indigo (P1099)


Watch (P599)

Tuck it In!


No doubt a polo shirt is a versatile wardrobe staple. You can even wear it to work! Just tuck it under a pair of dressy chinos and cap the look off with a statement watch.


Striped Polo Shirt (P799)

MMH217CH_01- BLACK.jpg

Slim Fit Chinos in Black (P1099)


Watch (P599)


Weekend Leisure

MENS STRIPES_01 Revised.jpg

Nothing says weekend like an easy tee and shorts style pairing! Top your look off with a baseball cap and you’re all set.


Striped Slim Tee in Navy (P599)


Mid Rise 5-Pocket Shorts in Khaki (P699)


Baseball Cap (P349)

How do you wear your stripes?

We Found the Top That Can Take You From Monday to Saturday in a Breeze

Proven by writer and former magazine editor Marla Miniano.

A day in the life of a magazine editor calls for a lot of activities—from attending shoots to proofing the book’s pages. Let’s not forget the long list of events she would have to show up for, too! Now, imagine a top that’s comfy, versatile, and doesn’t scrimp on style either—a top that can keep up with the girl boss’s schedule with total ease. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Luckily, The Ribbed Tee is here to save every busy woman’s day (Magazine editor or not)!

To put the tee to the test, we asked writer and former magazine editor Marla Miniano to create five looks to fit her usual Monday to Friday schedule with the ribbed tee as her key piece. While she’s at it, Marla shared a couple of interesting tidbits about style and her fascinating life as a writer, too! Read on and get inspired.



“Having projects as a writer and editor entails producing a lot of shoots. I need to be able to go around. Sometimes it gets cold during shoots, too,” Marla shared. For busy shoot days, a comfortable light green tee paired with classic black jeans is the way to go. For extra style points, “A blazer might be too heavy so I’ll go with a striped button-down [as a layering piece] and knot the shirt to keep my outfit fun.”

TEE P599, DRESS P1299

TEE P599, DRESS P1299

Putting together fashionable and fresh looks may be challenging, especially when you’re in a rush to get to work. So how would Marla do it for days when she has to attend events? “I would layer a white shirt under a ruffled printed dress. It still looks polished, but there’s still a lot of movement at the bottom.” The takeaway: layering is indeed key.



“I love wide-legged pants because they’re so comfortable,” Marla gushed. Plus, wear them with a pair of heels and you’d look taller in a snap, she added. Go bold and go for color with a rich burgundy pant paired with an equally bold terra cotta tee.

“As a writer, I do a lot of interviews.

For that, I’d like something casual but still professional.”



When she’s not busy at her desk, Marla loves traveling and exploring different beaches with her friends and her husband. For that, a pair of comfortable shorts is an instant must-have. “But it’s good to pick a tailored pair in a neutral color so [your outfit] still looks polished,” Marla suggested. Team a powder blue shirt with a pair of white city shorts and add a blush blazer in case the weather gets chilly. Quick style advice from Marla: “Just throw it over!”



“For weekends, hang-outs with my friends, or if I need to do errands, I would go with a blush shirt and shorts style pairing,” Marla shared. Opt for a pair of shorts that still looks professional just in case you meet someone you work with.

How would you wear the ribbed tee?